Something funny this way comes...

I've recently been gifted with some new permanent residents of the apartment.

Here are some close-ups of the gang:

I'm still just learning this whole web page programming thing, but am mostly looking
for a way to share pictures and information with friends in many different locations.
Boston, Raleigh, Kearny, King's Bay, Rapid City. If these places mean anything to you, then
there's probably something about 6 degrees of separation to say here. If not, well......

This is how you say "hello" in Llama. Blow gently, and they blow air back at you. It's smell based or something. (I'm the one on the left, BTW)

Just a cute picture of me with my neice Taryn. I'm evidently able to lift small children
with little or no effort. This is a good because when you do it once, they tend to want it
over and over and over.... It's brutal. You've been forewarned.

Some more pics of my neice and I, first displaying the latest in basket fashion and then
trying to see how much of 13 years of piano lessons I can cover in her 30 second attention

I've recently completed a move from NC to AZ for a new job. The trip was documented in a
one-handed, picture-taking fashion. Initial results can be seen here.

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